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本文摘要:Ever feel like no one really understands you? Well Pepper could be about to change all that.总是实在没有人确实理解你?那么“小辣椒(Pepper)”将不会转变这一现状。


Ever feel like no one really understands you? Well Pepper could be about to change all that.总是实在没有人确实理解你?那么“小辣椒(Pepper)”将不会转变这一现状。Thats because Pepper is actually a robot and touted as the worlds first with the ability to read emotions.因为“小辣椒”只不过是个机器人,被指出是世界上第一款能背诵人情感的机器人。The humanoid robot -- which looks slightly like a shrunken Michelin Man -- was unveiled to curious onlookers in Tokyo stores on Friday by SoftBank, a Japanese telecom giant and Aldebaran, a French robotics company.这款人形机器人看起来类似于迷你版的“米其林先生”(Michelin Man),在6月6号由日本电信巨头软银公司(Softbank)和法国机器人厂商阿德巴兰(Aldebaran)牵头在东京商场向参观者揭露谜样面纱。

Pepper doesnt look much like its name. Standing under four-feet tall with a tablet computer mounted to its chest, it has human-like hands and a mermaid-like lower torso — though its toddler-like voice seems incongruous with this state-of-the-art facade.“小辣椒”看上去不过于像它的名字。它有四英尺高,胸前有一台平板电脑,具有类似于人的手臂和像鱼尾的身体——虽然它那像孩童一样的声音与它时尚感觉十足的外观不过于吻合。Despite the high-pitched voice, Pepper is able to converse about everything from the weather, to more sophisticated topics like the latest fluctuations in the stock markets.“小辣椒”的声音虽然钝了点,但能闲谈小到天气,大到股市近期波动等简单的话题。

Yet the great differentiator is the fact Pepper is fully interactive, making eye contact when meeting people.不过,仅次于的不同点是小辣椒互动性十足,在看见人时,能与人展开眼神交流。Pepper is the first robot to read human emotions, said Softbanks CEO Masayoshi Son told reporters at a press conference in the Japanese capital on Thursday.“‘小辣椒’是第一台能背诵人类情感的机器人,”软银公司总裁孙正义6月5号在东京举办的新闻发布会上说。Robots like Pepper are adding a new dimension in our daily lives. They would change it with the same magnitude as the PC, Internet and mobile phones did.“像‘小辣椒’这样的机器人能为我们的日常生活加添了一个新的角度。

它不会像计算机、互联网和手机那样给我们的生活带给翻天覆地的变化。”How Pepper reads your moods“小辣椒”如何背诵你的情绪Using its emotion recognition functions, Pepper can react to people in its vicinity -- making jokes, dancing and even rapping (in Japanese), as it did in an onstage demonstration on Thursday.在发布会当日,“小辣椒”在台上展出它的功能,运用情感辨识功能对附近的人作出反应:谈笑话、唱歌,甚至饶舌(用日语)。Pepper can analyze facial expressions, human voice tones and gestures, then react autonomously through algorithms, its creators say.研发人员称之为,“小辣椒”可以分析面部表情、人的语调和手势,然后通过程序自动作出反应。Our vision is to create an affectionate robot that can understand peoples feelings. Then autonomously, it will take action, said Son.“我们期望发明者一个有感情的机器人,能不懂人的感情,然后自律地作出反应,”孙正义说。

He envisions robots playing roles in education, healthcare and entertainment, but their primary goal isnt to work in the industry like existing robots.他展望未来机器人能在教育、医疗和娱乐领域发挥作用,但他们的主要目标不是像目前不存在的机器人那样工作。Ours is not aiming for productivity, but rather at the home or store, where we provide fun and entertainment, Son said.“我们的机器人不是为了提升生产力,而是要在获取体验和娱乐的地方,如家里或商场里,发挥作用,”孙正义说道。Pepper is designed to be a family robot -- perhaps more like a sleeker version of Rosie, the household robot on the cartoon The Jetsons.“小辣椒”设计成家庭机器人——有可能更加像动画片《杰森一家》(The Jetsons)里的家庭机器人罗茜(Rosie)的时尚版。


Pepper is powered by love inside a family, Son said. Not only is he making jokes, making them laugh. The robot acts out at its own expense, in natural disaster, it can help them and also comfort those people who are sad or lonely, encourage them or make them laugh.“‘小辣椒’从家庭的爱取得能量,”孙正义说。“他不仅不会谈笑话,伴他们大笑。

这款机器人需要自律地行动,在遇上自然灾害时,它不会协助他们,还能恳求哪些伤心和寂寞的人,希望他们,或伴他们大笑。”When Pepper goes on sale‘小辣椒’何时上市Pepper goes on sale in Japan for around US$2,000 in February 2015. For now, several Peppers are at Softbank stores in Tokyo for spectators to visit. The creators say before releasing Pepper for sale, they want the robots to accumulate more knowledge, to evolve and get more sophisticated in its interactions with humans.“小辣椒”将于2015年2月在日本上市,售价大约为2000美元。

现在,软银公司的东京商城有几台样机可供人参观。“小辣椒”的研发人员称之为,在“小辣椒”上市之前,他们想要让这些机器人累积更加多科学知识,在与人交流时能演变,显得更加老道。Several thousand Peppers are going to learn at the store, Son said. Everything they learned and gained, is going to be accumulated into the cloud-based service. So that can be accelerating the evolution of the collective wisdom.“有数千台‘小辣椒’机器人将在商场里自学,”孙正义说道。


”Pepper functions through cloud-based artificial intelligence.“小辣椒”通过云端人工智能运营。SoftBank and Aldebaran envision the robot being sold overseas eventually. After all, Pepper is quite the polyglot, speaking 17 languages.软银公司和Aldebaran机器人公司希望这款机器人最后能销往海外。却是,“小辣椒”通晓多种语言,能说道17种语言。



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